Scott Moe focuses on chemtrails, Chinese bioweapons amid healthcare and cost-of-living crises

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck called Scott Moe’s priorities and leadership into question after footage surfaced of the Premier committing to investigate chemtrails and conspiracy theories about the Saskatchewan Health Authority. 

“Families are struggling to make ends meet and our hospitals are in crisis, but instead of finding solutions to these important issues, this Premier is apparently looking into chemtrails,” said Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck. 

“The Premier could have stood up for our healthcare workers instead of running them down. He showed exactly the kind of leader he is. After 17 years under the Sask. Party, it’s time for change.”

Premier Moe’s secret meeting was held in Speers, a town in Moe’s provincial electoral district of Rosthern-Shellbrook. The group that organized the event previously met with Sask. United, the upstart right-wing party credited as the driving force behind the controversial Bill 137. 

When asked by one attendee about chemtrails, Premier Moe said that his government already conducts soil testing, but committed to “do more work looking into it”. He acknowledged that chemtrails have been on his radar “for the last number of months”.

The Premier also committed to:

  • Possibly denouncing the World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty
  • Checking into local Saskatchewan architecture firm Crosby Hanna and their alleged involvement with “Agenda 2030”
  • Reading into allegations that the Saskatchewan Health Authority implemented a “delivery system” for Chinese biological weapons during the pandemic
  • Looking into the influence of the World Economic Forum at Wanuskewin

The credibility of mainstream media and international organizations like NATO was also questioned by the Premier.

Saskatchewan has the longest average wait times for knee and hip replacement surgery in Canada and Scott Moe is the only Prairie premier to refuse to deliver gas tax relief.


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