Saskatchewan students face second highest tuition in the country

Since Scott Moe took office, tuition costs for students have increased by 22.9%

Regina — Newly released numbers from Statistics Canada today shows that Saskatchewan has the second highest undergraduate tuition in Canada at $9,232.

“Under Scott Moe, students in Saskatchewan are literally paying more and getting less. This is a government that is hiking tuition while forcing institutions to make cuts to their staffing and programming. During a cost of living crisis, the Sask. Party has taken every opportunity to make the lives of students more expensive,” said Jennifer Bowes, Opposition Critic for Advanced Education. 

Over the course of Scott Moe’s time as premier (between the 2018-19 academic year 2022-23 academic year) undergraduate tuition increased by 22.9%, the second highest percentage increase among the provinces.

Despite earlier promises from the Sask. Party that these cuts would not affect programming, there have been programmingand staffing cuts due to underfunding. This is at a time when other provinces like Manitoba and Alberta have been increasing their investments in post-secondary education.

“We want to make sure that Saskatchewan is at the forefront of innovation and that we are attracting and retaining graduates to meet the demands of new and emerging industries,” said Bowes. “Other provinces are getting this right and understand that investing in post-secondary education means investing in the future success of the province. We can’t be left behind.” 


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