Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable falling victim to Sask. Party cuts

Despite assurances by the Sask. Party that their cuts to the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) would not hurt those who were already in the program, the severe consequence are now showing themselves to be painfully true. 

A story was reported today of a woman who, through no fault of her own, now finds herself needing to move and, as a result of the Sask. Party cuts, will have her SAID support slashed. 

“When the Sask. Party announced their final cuts in November, it was obvious that these vulnerable people were being made even more vulnerable because they would be punished for any changes to their status – regardless of the reason for their change. We raised the issue with the Minister but she brushed off the concerns,” said NDP Social Services Critic Nicole Rancourt. “Putting people who have disabilities and are unable to work in a situation like this is a cold-hearted move by the Sask. Party. The Sask. Party is forcing them to decide between being stuck in unsuitable living conditions or unable to pay their bills at all.”

Rancourt noted the Sask. Party had mishandled their plans for SAID from the very first announcement of their cuts. Thanks to strong opposition, they backpedalled on the cuts, put them on pause, and then promised that no one currently in the program would be affected.

“A promise was made to these people, and now they are being betrayed as the Sask. Party desperately searches for ways to make up for the massive deficit created by their mismanagement, scandal and waste,” said Rancourt. “People who rely on SAID to keep a roof over people’s heads are not the cause of the Sask. Party’s billion dollar deficits.”

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