Saskatchewan’s low GDP growth highlights Sask. Party’s economic failings

Statistics Canada released a report showing Saskatchewan had the second lowest GDP growth outside of Atlantic Canada for 2017. Saskatchewan lagged behind with only a 2.9 per cent growth, while B.C. grew by 3.9 per cent and Alberta’s economy grew by 4.9 per cent.

“These numbers show exactly why people are leaving Saskatchewan to find better opportunities in other provinces,” said Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. “With PST being applied to more products such as used cars, children’s clothing and restaurant meals, the Sask. Party is making it unaffordable to live here. Combine that with minimal job growth and a minimum wage that barely covers the basics, it all leads to a suffering economy that’s been stifled by the Sask. Party.”

In the 2016/17 budget, PST was applied to construction contacts and other service contracts. This hit the industry hard and the province is now seeing a drop in construction activity by over three per cent.

Saskatchewan’s food industry has also been hurt by the Sask. Party’s PST hike, as sales have dropped, while in neighboring provinces, sales have increased.

“If we stay on the path the Sask. Party has put us on, the future looks bleak for 2018’s GDP growth,” said Sproule. “Several reports are predicting Saskatchewan will have one of the slowest growing economies once again. We need the Sask. Party to do better for the people of our province and work for job growth and economic prosperity.”

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