Saskatchewan people losing tens of millions while Sask. Party grandstands

The Sask. Party’s refusal to propose and defend a made-in-Saskatchewan plan is costing Saskatchewan $62 million in federal funding and will mean that Saskatchewan people will be the only Canadians forced to pay Ottawa’s carbon tax.

“Every other province and territory in Canada – except Saskatchewan – has now signed on to the Federal Government’s Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth, and will be exempted from Ottawa’s carbon tax,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule.

Brad Wall recently offered some advice, saying, “We have to decide whether we want to be a country or do we want a loose association of individuals, groups and regions that at any time can ignore the constitution and jurisdictional issues and thwart the economic interests of another place.” (Calgary Herald, February 15, 2018) Sproule pointed out that Premier Moe would be well-served to heed his predecessor’s recent advice.

“From major infrastructure projects to fighting climate change and protecting the air we breathe and water we drink, we are a stronger country when we work together,” said Sproule. “By refusing to work with every other province, the Sask. Party is letting Saskatchewan fall behind and costing us tens of millions of dollars.”

Last week, Manitoba signed on to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth. As a result, they secured $67 million and ensured that Manitobans will not have to pay Ottawa’s carbon tax. Saskatchewan is currently the only province that has not signed onto the Framework and that is still subject to the Federal tax.

“This is just another example of Sask. Party mismanagement that is costing us jobs and forcing more and more people to move to other provinces to find work and opportunities,” Sproule said. “Now, on top of the Sask. Party’s heartless cuts and the PST hikes, Saskatchewan people are faced with losing important federal money that would help Saskatchewan producers and resource sector workers.”

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