Saskatchewan NDP urges fuel tax cut as Manitoba budget extends tax holiday

Saskatchewan has the third highest provincial gas tax in Canada

REGINA - Today, the Saskatchewan NDP is calling for fuel tax relief, with Manitoba announcing another fuel tax holiday extension in their latest provincial budget.

“Saving fifteen to twenty bucks on the weekly visit to the pumps would help a lot of families right now. It all adds up,” said Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck. “The Premier has a chance to show that he gets the challenges families are facing. He could suspend his fuel tax today with the stroke of a pen.”

The Manitoba NDP government announced yesterday that their fuel tax holiday will be extended for three more months. Fuel tax relief was originally slated to last until June 30. The move comes as nearly half of Canadian provinces suspend provincial fuel taxes. 

“Folks are breaking the bank just to fill the tank,” said Affordability Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “It’s just not right for this provincial government to sit on their hands after they made the cost of living worse with their added costs and taxes, especially with so many families facing serious financial stress.”

Saskatchewan’s 15-cent-a-litre gas tax is the third highest provincial gas tax in Canada, surpassed only by Nova Scotia and Quebec. Manitoba normally collects 14 cents per litre on gas and Alberta collects 9. Premiers in both Prairie provinces have delivered gas-tax relief.

Suspending Saskatchewan's 15-cent-a-litre tax on gas and diesel for six months would save households approximately $356.


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