Saskatchewan crime rates rise while Sask. Party continues cuts

Saskatchewan’s crime rates are the highest of all Canadian provinces and they continue to rise. Instead of working to address this growing problem, the Sask. Party is cutting common-sense, cost-effective crime prevention programs. 

A recent national survey shows that Saskatchewan has seen its crime increase by an alarming 10 per cent over the last year. Attempted murders, firearm offences, and arson charges are all on the rise in Regina. Regina has the second highest crime rate across the country, while Saskatoon has the highest.
“With crime rates and rates of people who reoffend on the rise, it is the people of Saskatchewan who are once again facing the consequences of Sask. Party mismanagement," said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer. “The Sask. Party is making mistake after mistake and refusing to address the issues behind these high crime rates.”  
The survey follows the provincial auditor’s comments, earlier this year that the Sask. Party government was not effectively managing the Hub programs – programs which are boasted about by the government and aim to reduce crime in communities. At the same time, the Sask. Party has made cuts to several community-based justice and policing programs and other initiatives like gang prevention.
“The auditor has said the Sask. Party needs to do a better job; common sense says they need to do a better job, but the Sask. Party keep cutting and taking us in the wrong direction,” said Sarauer. "We’re talking about the safety and security of the people of Saskatchewan. There is no excuse for this government to not take these high crime rates seriously, reverse the cuts and lay out a plan to curb these high crime rates.

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