Sask. Party welcomes children back to school with more cuts to classrooms

As children across the province get back to school, the Sask. Party is taking even more money away from their classrooms.

Education directors were recently informed that, though, additional Workers’ Compensation Board money will be distributed to employers across the province, school divisions will have the amount of their return cut from their provincial operating grants. 

“The newly minted Deputy Premier is the Minister responsible for both WCB and Education. He’s authorizing a bonus from WCB with one hand and taking it away from our kids’ classrooms with the other,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck.  

“Already, the Sask. Party’s lack of funding had forced school divisions to cut into classroom supports and the Minister walked away from his commitment to teachers. It’s hard to believe they could find another way to take more away from our kids but they have.” 

To make matters even worse, there are further cuts coming to schools struggling to find money for teaching assistants, extra student supports, and much-needed infrastructure upgrades. According to a government document, “School divisions with enrolment declines, flat enrolments, and even those with modest increases will see their funding decrease.”

“Once again, the government is making others – in this case our kids – pay for Sask. Party mismanagement,” said Beck. “How can a school that is already under resourced and struggling to give our kids the education they deserve handle yet another cut, if their enrollment increases? There is no question, these cuts will affect our children’s classrooms.”

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