Sask. Party Tweets of appreciation don’t make up for education cuts

Despite the Sask. Party’s clear record of cuts and claw backs in education, today, the Premier took to Twitter acknowledge Teacher Appreciation Week and claim his own appreciation. 

“Saskatchewan teachers deserve so much more from the Sask. Party than cynical and empty Tweets,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck. “It’s clear the Premier should have paid better attention while his favourite teachers were teaching the definition of irony. Tweets like these won’t undo the Sask. Party’s failures in education, their cuts and claw backs to school divisions or crowded classrooms. Tweets like the ones we saw today, just show how arrogant and out of touch the Sask. Party has become.”

Beck noted that the Sask. Party has repeatedly attacked Saskatchewan education and teachers with underfunding and cuts. Schools across the province are dealing with crumbling infrastructure, adding up to $1.5 billion in required repairs with ceilings in some schools being propped up with exposed 2x4s. The Sask. Party also turned their backs on their commitment to teacher’s salaries and have imposed budget cuts that have cut teachers and classroom supports from across the province. One school division alone cut 74 teachers.

“The Sask. Party had years of record revenues, but refused to properly invest in the education of our kids,” said Beck. “The Sask. Party needs to take responsibility for their failures in education and stop making Saskatchewan teachers our kids pay the price for Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal, and waste.”

 Beck thanked Saskatchewan’s teachers for their continued dedication to the education of Saskatchewan’s kids. 

“Teachers are on the frontline, helping to shape Saskatchewan’s future,” said Beck. “Education is the way forward for this province. It is how we can reduce inequality, foster reconciliation, and continue building our province together” 

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