Sask. Party tax hikes, jacking up the cost of summer fun

For many Saskatchewan families, the Canada Day long weekend is the official launch of summer with BBQs, trips to the beach and campgrounds, and summer fun. However, this year, the Sask. Party’s billion-dollar tax hike and fee increases will mean that those good times and memories will cost Saskatchewan families even more. Meanwhile, large corporations and the wealthy and well-connected will be celebrating their new tax breaks.

“The Sask. Party are forcing families to shell out more in taxes and fees,” said NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “The Sask. Party has raised the cost on everything from camping and fishing to a case of beer.” 

Some examples of things that the Sask. Party has made more expensive, include: 

  • Camping site fees: $17 more for full service camping for the weekend
  • Fishing: $7.56 more for an adult licence
  • Beer: 6.8 per cent increase on a case of beer
  • Wine: 5.3 per cent increase on a bottle of wine
  • The new 6 per cent PST hike affects:
    • A bag of chips
    • A bottle of pop
    • Kids clothes
    • Insurance on your vehicle

“The Sask. Party are the ones responsible for their own mismanagement, scandal, and waste so it’s unacceptable that they are now forcing Saskatchewan families to pay the price,” said Sarauer. “The Sask. Party needs to reverse their new tax on summer fun.” 

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