Sask. Party still covering up facts about GTH Land Scandal

Even with a looming auditor’s investigation, calls for a judicial inquiry, a lawsuit, and the involvement of the RCMP, the Sask. Party is still doing all they can to hide the facts of the GTH Land Scandal.

“Over and over again, from Bill Boyd to Mr. Wall himself, we’ve heard the Sask. Party claim they have nothing to hide,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “And yet, at every turn, they’ve gone to extreme lengths to hide every detail they possibly can about this growing scandal.”

Yesterday, it was reported by the CBC that the fee estimates for their access to information requests were so massive that a leading expert in field concluded they were clearly intended to ultimately deny all access.

“We are talking about a fiasco that ultimately saw a Crown corporation pay alleged Sask. Party insiders three times the estimated value of land close to the Regina highway bypass,” said Wotherspoon. “This deal raises some very reasonable and fair questions and it doesn’t take an expert to figure out that charging close to $200,000 to get the answers amounts to anything less than a cover up.

“The Sask. Party needs to stop the madness and come clean with the people of Saskatchewan.”

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