Sask. Party STC sell-off hurts Saskatchewan families

The Sask. Party's decision to break their promise and scrap the STC has left Saskatchewan students, families, and seniors stranded without transportation, including to school and medical appointments. 

“This truly is a sad day for Saskatchewan,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “It’s a sad day for the families and businesses that depend on this essential service and it’s especially a sad day for the 224 people who are out of work because of this wrong-headed decision by the Sask. Party.” 

Wotherspoon said the Sask. Party’s broken promises and cuts to programs show that they no longer know who they are working for. He said building the province and stimulating the economy does not come with massive job loss, noting that in the last two weeks 85 jobs have been cut in Saskatoon alone because of the Sask. Party’s budget.

“How is it fair for the Sask. Party to put their record of mismanagement, scandal and waste on the backs of hard-working Saskatchewan people,” Wotherspoon said. “You really have to call into question the priorities of the Sask. Party when, as a result of their budget, you see at least 766 people losing their jobs, and when we see services, like the STC, that are so vital to so many, cut without a mandate and a value for dollar audit.”

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