Sask. Party slashes another 251 jobs

The Sask. Party’s decision to throw 251 custodial workers out of work is just another example of the people of Saskatchewan being forced to pay the price for the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste.

“There are over 12,000 fewer full-time jobs this year compared to last and now, 251 more Saskatchewan people and their families will be struggling harder to make ends meet,” said NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon. “Yet again, the Sask. Party is cutting first and measuring after. They don’t even know how much they’ll save – if anything at all.”

In a statement released yesterday, that Sask. Party admitted that they are only in the early stages of examining “if there is a value in transitioning cleaning services for government buildings across the province to the private sector.” In fact, at the time of the announcement, the Sask. Party had not yet even sought quotes for the cost of paying a private contractor to undertake all of this work.

“The Sask. Party has the responsibility to govern Saskatchewan responsibly,” Wotherspoon said. “They made the drastic decision to cut these jobs, throw these people out of work, and hurt these Saskatchewan families even before they had their facts straight. This is a government that blew through nearly a decade of record revenues, the $2 billion Rainy-Day Fund, and the billions in surplus the last government left them. The Sask. Party hid the truth from the people of Saskatchewan and now it is the people of Saskatchewan that the Sask. Party is forcing to pay the price.”

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