Sask. Party shuffle promotes scandal and desperate sell-offs

Minster who scrapped STC gets SaskTel, MLAs who blocked GTH investigation get promoted

Instead of making a change of direction, the Sask. Party’s cabinet shuffle today was further proof that they are most concerned with their own partisan self-interest and they’re not working for Saskatchewan people anymore.

“Today, the Premier used words like ‘renewal’ but made it clear that it’s still the same tired, arrogant, and out-of-touch Sask. Party of mismanagement, scandal and waste,” said NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “No matter what the Premier is claiming, his actions spoke louder than words. By appointing Mr. Hargrave to oversee SaskTel, the Sask. Party is saying the fire sale is on; by promoting two men who repeatedly blocked our attempts to get to the bottom of the Sask. Party GTH scandal, the clear message is that loyalty to the party and covering up for scandals will be rewarded more than actually working for the best interests of Saskatchewan families.” 

During the last shuffle, Minister Hargrave was put in charge of STC and tasked with scrapping it. Now, he has been given even more Crowns, including SaskTel. Ministers Merriman and Doke are new additions to the Cabinet and voted repeatedly at a legislative committee to block witnesses and prevent an investigation into Bill Boyd and the Sask. Party’s GTH scandal.

“Shuffling a few names around and moving the Finance Minister doesn’t change facts or help solve the very real consequences Saskatchewan people are still facing,” Sarauer said. “That budget was a Sask. Party budget and the whole Cabinet is responsible for those heartless cuts, unfair tax hikes, and desperate sell-offs.”

Sarauer also noted that the Sask. Party refused to take the opportunity to show real change by improving representation in Cabinet and including more women around the table.

“There are 17 members of the Sask. Party cabinet. How can they justify that only four of them are women?” 

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