Sask. Party shows their lack of empathy by cutting benefits for evicted single dad

REGINA - After coming to the Legislature last week to plead for help after being evicted and advocate for all those struggling on the Sask. Party’s failed SIS program, Frank Francoeur received a letter from the Ministry of Social Services letting him know his benefits would be suspended. 


“Frank came down to his Legislature and left hopeful that the Sask. Party government had actually listened to him. Instead, the Sask. Party showed their complete lack of empathy and are suspending him off his benefits,” said Conway. “Due to the changes to the SIS program, he’s been evicted from his home and wanted to share with the Minister what that has meant for him and his family. Now he stands to lose his income as well.” 

Minister Carr assured that anyone on SIS could contact her office with concerns, however correspondence from Conway on behalf of Mr. Francoeur went unaddressed. Instead, he found himself evicted. In response, Mr. Francoeur came to the Legislature to advocate for all SIS clients. 

Days after meeting with the Minister where his only ask was to remain in his home and be put on a payment plan, he received correspondence suspending his benefits. The Ministry of Social Services is requiring him to find a permanent residence by June or, “the ministry will conclude that you no longer require benefits and your SIS file will be closed.”

“To have someone in need come to meet with the government to share their struggles, only to have the very reason for that meeting used to remove that client off of SIS tells you all you need to know about the Sask. Party,” said Conway. “The Minister has stated that her goal is to remove 25% of SIS clients from the program. Clearly, as is the case with Mr. Francoeur, the goal of this government is to find any excuse, any technicality, to remove those most in need during the greatest affordability crisis in 31 years. They just don’t care.” 



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