Today's mid-year report points to a struggling economy and a Sask. Party government that continues to inflate growth projections and to be slow to respond to emerging challenges like a struggling economy and overcrowded classrooms.

"This morning’s mid-year report shows yet again that this government is letting people down,” said NDP Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “Economic growth has been cut in half from what they predicted in the budget. Saskatchewan is on track to have the second lowest growth rate in the country, at 0.6 percent. Retail sales are down. Exports are down. Building permits, housing starts, and construction jobs are all down compared to last year.”

Wotherspoon also pointed out that the economic growth estimates the Sask. Party is relying on for next year are 20 percent higher than what private sector forecasters are projecting.

“Hope is not a plan, and this government has no plan to grow an economy that puts people first. With slow growth this year and next, now is the time to invest in people. Instead we see nothing from the Sask. Party for teachers struggling with class sizes of 40 or more, and nothing to address issues like the suicide crisis.”

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