Sask. Party’s half-measures, buck-passing leave students at risk

SASKATOON - Today, Official Opposition Education Critic Matt Love demanded a halt to Legacy Christian Academy funding until an investigation into the government’s handling of school abuse allegations has concluded.

“This government’s first priority should be ensuring the safety of our children. To neither shut off the tap to Legacy Christian Academy, nor remove alleged abusers from positions of authority is an utter failure of leadership. Safety of our children is paramount - there’s no room for half-measures and passing the buck.”

Today Minister Duncan suggested that most of the allegations are “historical in nature,” before government funding and oversight began in 2012.

“Students have come forward with serious allegations of abuse as recently as 2019, yet the Minister claims to be unaware. Either Duncan’s feigning ignorance, or the system of unscheduled school inspections - which he’s really hanging his hat on - clearly hasn’t and won’t work,” said Love. 

Love continued: “Minister Duncan knew about these allegations of abuse since June, if not earlier. Why didn't he lift a finger until the public took him to task? An investigation is needed into both Legacy Christian Academy and the Sask. Party government’s shameful mishandling of these abuse allegations.”



June 20: A former student raises allegations of abuse with Minister Dustin Duncan's office in an email exchange.

August 2: An official spokesperson from Minister Duncan’s office is reported as telling the CBC that the Ministry of Education “has not received any complaints regarding LCA since funding for Qualified Independent Schools (QIS) began in 2012.”

August 5: Minister Duncan clarifies that his office did receive correspondence in June and that the Ministry will not be taking action until the conclusion of the police investigation.

August 11: Minister Duncan commits to further oversight of Legacy Christian Academy months after having received formal complaints and only once the allegations were made public.

August 11: A former student states publicly that she had raised concerns of abuse with Minister Duncan’s office in February.

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