Sask. Party PST hike hurting Saskatchewan business and families

Statistics Canada has released a report that shows the Saskatchewan economy struggling since the Sask. Party hiked the PST. According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan is one of only two provinces to see housing construction drop over the last year and is the only province where sales in the food and beverage industry have dropped. These are two industries that were hit hard by the Sask. Party’s billion-dollar PST hike.

“Across the province, small businesses and other industries are struggling with the PST hike that the Sask. Party recklessly imposed on them and Saskatchewan families,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. “When these businesses are struggling, they’re not creating jobs, and that makes it harder for Saskatchewan people to find work. No wonder more people are leaving Saskatchewan to find opportunities in other provinces than were before the Sask. Party was elected.”

Since this time last year, Saskatchewan was the only Western province where investment into new housing didn’t increase. In fact, it decreased by 7.2 per cent. Meanwhile in B.C. it went up by 8.8 per cent and it increased by 15.7 per cent in Alberta and by more than 31 per cent in Manitoba.

Saskatchewan also saw a decrease of $2.4 million in food and beverage sales compared to this time last year, while every other province across the country experienced growth.

“The Sask. Party’s unfair tax hikes are hurting Saskatchewan people in many ways. Not only are they making us all pay more, they’re also hurting the economy and costing us jobs,” Sproule said. “While Saskatchewan people are being forced to pay the price for the Sask. Party’s bad management of the economy, Saskatchewan is falling behind the rest of the country.”

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