Sask. Party plows ahead with more health care cuts

Today, with the release of their rushed health care report, the Sask. Party announced the next phase of their cuts. Communities across Saskatchewan have already been forced to struggle without adequate health care services and at least 90 front front-line care positions have already been cut from Regina and Saskatoon. Today’s announcement to scrap the 12 existing health regions down to one, will do nothing to undo the damage already caused by the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal, and waste.

“When the Sask. Party talks about consolidation, everyone knows they mean cuts – cuts to health care centres, cuts to frontline health care workers, and cuts to the care Saskatchewan people deserve,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier.” “This so-called consultation was rushed and the Sask. Party knew what they wanted to do all along. From the beginning, the Sask. Party has wanted to cut deeper to make up for their own mismanagement, scandal, and waste. We did consultations of our own and we didn't hear a single person say that more cuts were the solution. We heard from communities who were abandoned by the Sask. Party even after they raised their own money for a health centre, and we heard from health care workers who work 24-hour shifts or stay after work to care for their patients. These communities and workers are willing to go above and beyond because they are not willing to give up their right to health care. Not in their communities. Not in Canada. And not here in Saskatchewan, where we have fought so hard for that right."

Chartier noted that today’s announcement will mean frontline health care workers’ input into how health care is delivered in their local communities will be eliminated.

“This is a betrayal of everything the Sask. Party has said and has promised. The Sask. Party said one thing during the election just last spring and are doing something entirely different now. They have consistently attacked former governments for streamlining healthcare; now they’re applauding those savings and pushing ahead with deep and drastic cuts of their own,” said Chartier. “The Sask. Party blew through the Rainy-Day Fund and record resource revenues and it is unacceptable that they are now making the people of Saskatchewan – our health care services and hospitals – pay the price.”

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