Sask. Party play on plates could cost Saskatchewan millions

The Saskatchewan NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to bring an end to their puzzling and potentially costly license plate ban before Saskatchewan people are forced to pay the $5 million fine that the Sask. Party government could be charged

“Saskatchewan’s economy is stronger and Saskatchewan jobs are created because of the way we work with other Western provinces,” said NDP Deputy Leader Buckley Belanger. “With no proof to back up their actions, the Sask. Party is putting all of that at risk, and possibly putting the Saskatchewan people on the hook for a $5 million fine – that’s more than the entire cut they tried to make to Saskatchewan libraries.”

The Sask. Party only has until Monday, January 22 to end the ban of Alberta license plates at Saskatchewan work sites before the $5 million penalty could be imposed for violating rules set out in the New West Partnership Trade Agreement fine. Meanwhile, they have still not given any credible reason or provided any concrete evidence for implementing the ban in the first place. They also continue to defend the large contracts they’ve given to foreign conglomerates and out of province companies for everything from the North Battleford hospital to the $2 billion Regina Bypass.  

While a potential meeting to resolve the situation has been discussed, the Sask. Party is now refusing to agree to a location for the meeting.

“Almost everything about the way the Sask. Party has handled this who situation is so hard to believe it’s surreal, but the $5 million fine and the broader consequences are very real,” Belanger said. “Once again, the Sask. Party’s decisions are going to leave Saskatchewan people paying the price.”

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