Sask. Party plate fiasco wasted valuable time and money instead of helping Saskatchewan people

After weeks of refusing to provide any concrete evidence to support their ban of Alberta license plates at Saskatchewan work sites, and just hours before leaving the Saskatchewan people on the hook for a potential $5 million fine, the Sask. Party have made it clear they had no credible justification or defense for their actions and have backed-down on their ban.

“From the beginning, it’s been clear that the Sask. Party had no justification for this attack. Now, even after backing down, they’re still playing games. We should be able to expect better from our government,” said NDP Deputy House Leader Carla Beck. “With unemployment rates hitting 20 year highs and small businesses struggling with PST hikes the Sask. Party needs to stop the posturing and chest thumping and just finally admit they were wrong.”

A report released today by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business shows that it is the actions of the Sask. Party – not other provinces - that are hurting the largest creators of new jobs in Saskatchewan. In fact, 71 per cent of Saskatchewan small-business owners cited the PST – which the Sask. Party hiked and expanded in the last budget while also cutting the subsidy for businesses that collect it – as being their primary concern.

“We need to support small businesses to create jobs and we need to remember that our Western provinces do best when we work together to create new opportunities for all of us,” Beck said. “Now, even as they admit they’re backing down, they seem more interested in picking fights with Alberta than working to reverse their own policies that have left the unemployment rate above the national average for the first time in over 40 years”

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