Sask. Party needs to show their work on STC sell-off

Months after the Sask. Party scrapped the Saskatchewan people’s crown corporation that tied the province together with essential bus and delivery service, they are still refusing to come clean about how much the rushed shut-down and sell-off of STC is costing Saskatchewan people.

Even while announcing today that the rest of the STC assets had been sold off, the Minister responsible refused to provide any details. 

“The busses, the depots, and everything else that made up the STC belonged to all Saskatchewan people. It’s unacceptable that the Sask. Party are still refusing to come clean about the total costs of the shut down and how much they are selling STC assets for,” said STC Critic Doyle Vermette. “From the beginning, we’ve been asking for the details and calling for the transparency that the Sask. Party promises but they’ve proven they can’t be trusted to come clean with Saskatchewan people. If they won’t voluntarily tell us the facts, we need the Provincial Auditor to step in and do a full value audit of STC.”

Beyond refusing to share the selling price for so many STC assets, the Sask. Party has also completely ignored the impacts that the shutdown of STC would have on Saskatchewan families, communities and even government ministries.

“The Sask. Party is still trying to convince the people of Saskatchewan and themselves that this is not a sell-off of STC,” Vermette said. “The reality is that the Sask. Party changed the law to sell off the pieces of STC, and now they’re leaving the door open to more sell-offs of Saskatchewan people’s Crowns.” 

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