Sask. Party must stop the growing crisis in seniors care: NDP

Today, the Ombudsman's report highlighted serious problems in seniors’ care in Saskatchewan caused by the Sask. Party's continued mismanagement along with their underfunding and cuts to frontline health workers.

“This report shows, what we already know: long-term care across the province is in crisis,” said NDP Health and Seniors critic Danielle Chartier. “Once again, we’re seeing the very real consequences of the Sask. Party's refusal to support long-term care in Saskatchewan.” 
This is the second Ombudsman’s report that was initiated after New Democrats raised concerns about the worsening situation in long-term care in Saskatchewan. It looks into the tragic case of Jessie Sellwood, a resident of a long-term care facility in Regina, who fell and passed away in pain after not receiving the care she needed. 
Jessie Sellwood's case is heartbreaking,” said Chartier. “The tragic reality is that her case is not unique. The report identifies example after example of policies being ignored. Patient care is suffering and the government is refusing to provide the necessary resources. I can’t understand why the Health Minister keeps defending the Sask. Party’s failing policies and refusing to legislate real minimum care standards and ensure that long-term care facilities have the resources needed to meet them.
Chartier also noted that, rather than taking action to improve the situation, the Sask. Party has worsened the underfunding of healthcare which will only result in more seniors in long-term care facilities suffering from not getting the care they deserve. 
Maybe the Minister is worried that too many care facilities won’t meet any minimum standards and, once legislated, he’ll actually have to act to improve the situation,” said Chartier. “I’m worried too. I’m worried about how many more tragedies we’ll see because he is refusing to ensure that Saskatchewan seniors get the care they need.”

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