Sask. Party must stop blocking key GTH scandal witness

With a committee finally set to meet tomorrow to review the scandal plagued and disastrous finances of the GTH, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to use the opportunity to finally ensure openness and transparency into the Sask. Party GTH scandal.

“Lately, despite being silent while they sat in Cabinet, Sask. Party leadership hopefuls have been falling over each other to call for transparency in the Sask. Party GTH scandal,” said NDP GTH Critic Cathy Sproule. “Bit by bit, details of the Sask. Party GTH scandal is seeping out and, one by one, the key players are quitting their jobs. If the Sask. Party is serious about finally wanting to let the truth come out, they will join us in calling for one of the key architects of the land deals at the heart of the Sask. Party GTH scandal to be accountable to committee. He is still paid to serve the people of Saskatchewan and we all deserve to hear what he knows.”

The Standing Committee on the Economy is meeting Tuesday afternoon to give consideration to the 2016-17 Global Transportation Hub annual report, which outlined the growing cost of the mismanagement, scandal, and waste at the Sask. Party’s GTH. So far, the Sask. Party have blocked attempts to have the Ministry of Economy deputy minister –  a senior advisor and the point person for the Sask. Party during what became the Sask. Party GTH scandal – to answer questions.

“It’s impossible to look into the GTH dumpster fire the committee is supposed to be reviewing without talking to the people who were there when the gas was poured and the match was lit,” said Sproule. “By continuing to block NDP attempts to invite the deputy minister to answer questions in public, the Sask. Party are showing they have no interest in the truth ever getting out.”

If the Sask. Party truly wants to show they understand the outcry from Saskatchewan people, they will join with the NDP in calling on witnesses such as the Deputy Minister for the Economy and help ensure straight answers to simple questions.

“The people of the province deserve more than just games and spin from the Sask. Party,” Sproule said. “We’ve been hearing them talk more and more about making the right choice. Now's their chance to move past those words and finally stop hiding the truth.”

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