Sask Party must reverse cold-hearted cut to Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable: NDP

The Sask. Party’s latest cold-hearted decision to force people who are unable to work due to a disability to pay for their economic mismanagement needs to be reversed, not just pushed back by several months. 

NDP Social Services Critic Nicole Rancourt said that the Sask. Party’s recent decision to delay the cuts in order to consult with people in the province who recently received notice that their funding through the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disabilites (SAID) program is a clear sign that the Sask. Party knows their decision was a mistake.

“By delaying the cuts, the Sask. Party has clearly realized the damage they are doing to Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable people by slashing supports through the SAID program,” said Rancourt . “But simply delaying the cut by a few months will only add more uncertainty to those affected, as they continue to wonder how they will pay for basic necessities like rent and groceries.”

Rancourt said that the Sask. Party needs to admit they made a mistake, and reverse the decision to cut the SAID program immediately.

“People in the SAID program have already been put under enough undue stress because of this announcement,” said Rancourt. “Instead of cutting the funding that these people rely on, the Sask. Party needs to apologize and reassure them that their funding will remain. People in the SAID program should not have to pay for the Sask. Party’s years of economic mismanagement.” 

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