Sask. Party must come clean and stop hiding the truth

Today, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon called out Brad Wall for his refusal to release the First Quarter Financial Report for the 2016-17 fiscal year.


“Saskatchewan people deserve the straight facts when it comes to our province’s finances and the state of our economy,” Wotherspoon wrote in a letter to the Premier yesterday. “I am deeply concerned by the extent to which your government seems willing to obfuscate, mislead, and conceal your plans and the true state of the books.”

In his letter calling for the release of the Financial Report with accurate and honest numbers, Wotherspoon said that at least the last eight consecutive finance ministers have released the First Quarter Financial Report before the end of August and that half of those reports were tabled before the end of July. Wotherspoon also noted that it has been revealed that the economy and the provinces finances are worse than the Sask. Party claimed during the election saying that, with every passing day, the Sask. Party has dug deeper and refused to come clean with the truth.

“The Sask. Party have been dishonest on many fronts. They didn’t run on selling off valuable Crown Corporations like SaskTel, running a billion-dollar deficit, walking away from your commitments to our classrooms, underfunding our schools and hospitals, or cutting supports for people living with disabilities,” said Wotherspoon. “Scrapping this report is a new low and totally unacceptable. Saskatchewan people deserve honesty, openness, and transparency. I call on the Premier to release a full proper First Quarter Financial Report that show the people of Saskatchewan the true state of our province’s finances. They deserve nothing less.”

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