Sask. Party must come clean about plans to sell-off senior’s housing

The Sask. Party’s plans to sell-off affordable housing units for seniors in rural Saskatchewan is the latest in their desperate search for short-term cash grabs. 

“The Sask. Party already raised the monthly rent for seniors living in long-term care. Now seniors living in these facilities will struggle to find new places to live,” said NDP Housing Critic Ryan Meili. “By putting these housing units up for sale, they are taking rural Saskatchewan for granted and ignoring the needs of families and seniors.”

Recently, the Sask. Party quietly put Senior’s housing units up for sale in over thirty communities across the province. If the buildings are sold, the seniors living in the units could face eviction. These units were built with federal funding support and the province signed a fifty year agreement to keep them in service. By forcing municipalities, already hurting from the cuts in the Sask Party's budget, to buy these units or see them sold off, they are once again offloading their responsibility to Saskatchewan people on to those less able to pay. 

"How many units? How much money? How many seniors will be displaced?" Meili said, "It’s time for the Sask. Party to come clean about their plans to sell off these homes or anything else that is owned by and benefits Saskatchewan people."

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