Sask. Party MLA to get pay bump, while cutting Saskatchewan workers

Even while the Sask. Party continue to dole out huge cuts to workers across the province, this week, the Premier announced another Sask. Party MLA will be rewarded with the pay bump that comes with the title of Legislative Secretary.

Even more concerning, this latest plum appointment is to work with the Minister responsible for SaskTel who continues to investigate ways to carry out the Sask. Party’s desperate sell-off of our Crown Corporation.

“We have seen how deceitful the Sask. Party has been about their plans to sell off Saskatchewan's Crown Corporations, especially SaskTel,” said NDP Crown Investments Corporation Critic Carla Beck. “The Premier needs to come clean about what work this new position will be expected to do and what justifies this new bonus for a Sask. Party MLA while they are cutting workers across the province.”

In addition to the Minister, Saskatchewan people already pay $5.5 million a year in salaries to 12 executives and senior managers to run and improve SaskTel.

“The need to pay another Sask. Party MLA to be responsible for doing the job that is already being done by 13 other people less than clear,” Beck said. “Besides the concern that they are staffing up to ram through a sell-off, this new appointment looks like yet another example of the Sask. Party helping themselves while making Saskatchewan people pay for a decade of Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal and waste.”

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