Sask. Party mismanagement results in growing debt and deeper cuts

The Sask. Party’s mismanagement of Saskatchewan’s finances is continuing to become more apparent, as the Finance Minister revealed today that even with the Sask. Party openly breaking election promises, their deficit this year will likely balloon to over a billion dollars.

“The Sask. Party locked up and hid their budget before the election and, when they did release it, it was worse than they had ever hinted,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. “This summer they went back to the secrecy and refused to release a quarterly update and now they’re playing politics with leaks outside of the Assembly and are trying to soften the ground so they can bring even more cuts at a time when nearly 11,000 more Saskatchewan people find themselves looking for work compared to a year ago.”

Sproule noted that the Sask. Party government inherited a resource boom, a full Rainy Day Fund, a surplus, and record revenues when it took office. Since then, they have drained the Rainy Day Fund, the have refused to diversify the economy, and in the last seven years, they’ve allowed debt to increase by approximately $7 billion.

“The Sask. Party are the ones who blew the Rainy Day Fund, blew through the surplus, and refused to diversify the economy. They wasted it all on these scandals and mismanagement,” said Sproule. “Now, they’re forcing the people of Saskatchewan to pay the price with job losses, broken promises, and deep cuts.”

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