Sask. Party mismanagement leads to job loss and increased deficits and debt

After months of keeping Saskatchewan people in the dark, the government finally released a report on the state of the province’s finances and with it came cuts brought on by the Sask. Party mismanaging a resource boom and draining a rainy day fund.


“The provincial debt has continued to rise under the Sask. Party and now we’re seeing the deficit continuing to rise under the Sask. Party, but what we aren’t seeing is a plan to get this province’s finances back on track,” said NDP Finance Critic Cathy Sproule. “Cutting dollars from job training and hoping that oil and potash numbers rebound is not a plan.”

Sproule noted that in the last year, Saskatchewan lost nearly 11,000 jobs, and was critical of the Sask. Party for cutting job training programs from Advanced Education, the Economy, Health, and Crown Investments Corporation.

“We know the Sask. Party has been actively targeting cuts that will hurt the most vulnerable, but these cuts to job training programs will certainly hinder efforts to diversify Saskatchewan’s economy moving forward,” Sproule said.

With the Sask. Party’s wasteful spending on carbon capture and sketchy land deals at the Global Transportation Hub in mind, Sproule said she is not surprised, but is concerned that $3.5 billion in debt has been added in the last two years alone and that the deficit is now over $800 million.

“It’s clear this government needs to cut back on investing in scandal and waste, and start diverting those dollars to where it will help grow the economy, create jobs, and ensure families are getting the supports they need,” she said.

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