Sask. Party mismanagement causing municipal tax hikes

The people of Regina have now joined people in cities, towns and villages around the province in being forced to face yet another tax hike caused by the Sask. Party. The City of Regina is the latest municipality forced to make tough fiscal decisions in response to the cruel and heartless Sask. Party cuts.

“Cities and towns throughout the province are having their hands forced because, instead of taking responsibility for their own mismanagement of the economy, the Sask. Party has cut funding and downloaded costs on to municipalities,” said NDP Municipal Affairs Critic Nicole Rancourt. “Now it’s Saskatchewan people who are having to pay the price for that mismanagement.”

In response to Sask. Party cuts, Regina is looking at a 4.86 per cent mill rate increase, Swift Current residents were told to prepare for a 13.14 per cent tax increase, Moose Jaw city council is also preparing for a tax increase, and Saskatoon had to increase property taxes by 4.7 per cent. In every case, the cities cited the Sask. Party’s cuts as a reason for having to make the people of their city pay more. These tax hikes are in addition to the Sask. Party’s billion-dollar PST increase and the three power rates hikes the Sask. Party has brought in over the last two years.

“The people of the province are already struggling with the heartless cuts and cruel tax and rate hikes from the Sask. Party,” Rancourt said. “It’s unfair to force them to pay more when people are already losing their jobs and dealing with the Sask. Party’s mismanagement.”

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