Sask. Party making Status of Women office a ‘one-person’ show

The Sask. Party has failed to support women across the province and has even failed to adequately support their own the Status of Women’s office. Emails obtained by the Saskatchewan NDP show how difficult it is for the single staff person to handle the caseload and provide proper supports to women across the province.

In an email received under a Freedom of Information request, the lone staff person writes, “When you are a one-person office all tasks even Admin tasks end up as one’s responsibility…just sayin!!”

“This office handles a variety of issues. For example, Saskatchewan has some of the highest rates of sexual and domestic violence against women in the entire country,” said NDP Status of Women Critic Danielle Chartier. “The Sask. Party needs to do more than to drop this entire important workload on one woman.”

The province’s staff directory confirms that there is still only one person working at the Status of Women office.

“It’s International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate the achievements of the women who came before us and to look for ways to make the future better for all women,” Chartier said. “As a first step, the Sask. Party needs to recognize they need to do more, reverse the heartless cuts that have disproportionally hurt women and start investing in the needed supports.”

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