Sask. Party loses 5,700 jobs in July, maintains worst job creation rate in the country

REGINA - Today’s jobs report shows that Premier Scott Moe still has the worst jobs record in all of Canada. 

“Scott Moe has lost hundreds of millions of dollars from our Crowns, he’s increased taxes and utilities on hard-working families by $1,608 during an affordability crisis, and he has the worst job creation record in the country,” said Beck. “I’m not interested in settling for last place, I want Saskatchewan to lead the nation. With Scott Moe at the wheel, we’re headed in the wrong direction.”  

Statistics Canada’s latest data show that Saskatchewan lost 5,700 jobs in July, and that 5,200 were full-time jobs. These numbers represent the worst month-over-month (-1.0%) and the worst year-over-year (0.4%) job creation record in the country. Since Scott Moe took office in February 2018, every other province in Canada has created jobs at a faster rate than Saskatchewan.

In addition to the job losses, Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate has shot up nearly half a point to 5.1%.

“Whether you look at these month-to-month, year-over-year, or since Scott Moe became premier, these numbers are the worst, worst, worst in Canada,” said Young. “We need more jobs and bigger paycheques, and this tired and out-of-touch Sask. Party government isn’t getting the job done for Saskatchewan people.”


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