Sask. Party lets families suffer by withholding financial relief

RICHARDSON - Today, Official Opposition Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon and Jobs and Economy Critic Aleana Young called on the government to use windfall resource revenues to provide Saskatchewan people with overdue cost-of-living relief.

“The government is flush with resource revenues and they know it,” said Wotherspoon. “They promised affordability relief at the end of the first quarter and didn’t deliver. Either the Sask. Party doesn't care about the record inflationary pressures or they’re waiting to buy votes on the eve of a byelection all while Saskatchewan people suffer today.”

Premier Moe said affordability relief would come by early fall provided resource prices remain strong, which they have. Financial reports showed the province raked in $500 million in additional resource revenue in the first three months of 2022 alone.  

“The current cost-of-living crisis is crushing family farming. The recent utility increases approved by this government will mean astronomical costs to maintain our family farm. We don’t have a choice. This will be extremely difficult in the winter months,” said Angela Vos, farmer and small business owner. “I can’t believe how out of touch this government is with the needs of rural Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan families.”

“Other provincial governments have provided affordability relief to the people they represent. The Sask. Party government has done nothing while sitting on record revenues. In fact, they’ve hiked taxes, utilities and fees,” said Young. “I certainly hope that this government isn’t politicizing cash-strapped families by waiting for a byelection to announce relief measures.”

Young continued: “The government must be focused on making life more affordable for families. The utility rate hikes need to be reversed, and going forward quarterly rate reviews are necessary to ensure fairness for ratepayers.” 

The Official Opposition calls on the province to stop sitting on record resource revenues and commit to immediate affordability relief. The Opposition is also calling for quarterly rate reviews, as is done in Manitoba, to ensure utility rate fairness.


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