Sask. Party ignored impacts of scrapping STC on health care

Documents obtained by the Saskatchewan NDP have revealed that, before scrapping the Saskatchewan Transportation Company, the Sask. Party did nothing to consider or evaluate what the impact would be on patients, seniors or any other medical services in Saskatchewan’s health care system. The response to the freedom of information request shows how much scrambling the Ministry of Health had to do after the Sask. Party announced the reckless and cold-hearted sell-off. 

“It’s always shoot first, aim second with the Sask. Party,” said STC Critic Doyle Vermette. “So many families, patients and seniors have been let down by the Sask. Party’s decision to desperately sell off the STC. If only the Sask. Party had done their homework they would have seen the damage they were causing and maybe they would have reconsidered.

An email, dated two days after the budget was released, obtained by the NDP shows Ministry of Health officials scrambling to figure out what the loss of STC would mean for programs and patient care. The impacts were widespread and extremely damaging to rural and northern residents along with the less fortunate, the disabled and the medically fragile.

“Everything from courier services for medical supplies to Saskatchewan Cancer Agency supports have been cut off because of the sell-off of the STC,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier. “This was a desperate and shameful move by Sask. Party and it left so many people without any means to get the medical care they need.”

In the several months since the Sask. Party introduced their budget, the impacts of their heartless cuts, unfair tax hikes, and desperate sell-offs, have continued to become more and more clear. The Saskatchewan NDP will continue to hold the Sask. Party to account and will push for more answers, including why they cut the STC without any of the necessary due diligence. 

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