We’re on a difficult journey together. We all need to be looking at the same map: Meili

REGINA - Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili today called on the Government to release previously withheld weekly COVID-19 modelling data and to commit to open and transparent information on hospitalizations, testing, and vaccine delivery. 

“We need a commitment from this government that they’re going to stop hiding information from the people of Saskatchewan. COVID-19 isn’t like their budget numbers that they can just play a shell game with,” said Meili. “This is people’s livelihoods and their actual lives. People are dying. They have a duty to be open and honest.” 

Meili said that it is clear that the current measures are not working. Adjusted for population, Saskatchewan’s daily case counts are comparable to record-breaking numbers of new cases in Ontario and Quebec, jurisdictions which are taking extreme measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“We need clear information and clear thresholds for what happens depending on what the data shows,” said Meili. “What happens when we reach 500 cases a day? What happens if it goes higher? Half measures and hope is not a plan, it’s a recipe for failure.” 

In addition to the lack of transparency around COVID-19 data modelling, the government has also changed the way hospitalization numbers have been reported and the way tests are counted with no explanation. 

Meili called for the government to step forward with increased transparency, including the following measures:

  • Weekly forecasting of all COVID-19 data
  • Clear information as to what thresholds will need to be met over what period of time to trigger changes to public health orders for Saskatchewan residents
  • Regular communication on the impact of COVID-19 on health services such as surgery cancellations, cancer treatment, etc.
  • Detailed information on vaccination efforts, both in terms of geography and which cohorts are to receive the vaccine in what order
  • Begin detailed inspections of all outbreaks in long-term care settings, with a commitment to report publicly on those inspections and take action on their findings


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