Sask. Party government uses majority to block debate on releasing Dr. Shahab’s recommendations

REGINA - Today, the Sask. Party government used its majority to shut down the Legislature and block a debate that would require the government to release all the recommendations made by Dr. Shahab since June 1, 2021.

“The government keeps claiming that they have nothing to hide when it comes to Dr. Shahab’s recommendations but they refuse to share his recommendations with the public or the media,” said Vicki Mowat, Opposition House Leader. “It was very clear throughout September and October that the actions of this Sask. Party government and Dr. Shahab’s recommendations were growing further and further apart. The people of Saskatchewan have a right to know what was driving the decision-making process of this government that led to the highest COVID death rate in Canada.”

Motions for Returns are requests for the government to produce specific documents or for detailed data for the information of the Assembly. The Official Opposition filed a Motion for Return on November 16 requesting:

That the government provide to the Assembly all of the recommendations made to them by the Chief Medical Health Officer regarding public health and COVID-19 since June 1, 2021.


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Brock Bowman


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