Sask. Party drove up provincial debt by more than $2 billion

The final results are in and the Sask. Party drove up the debt $2.3 billion dollars and, though they have been frantically searching for excuses, all they have to show for it is a growing record of mismanagement, scandal, and waste. 

“The Sask. Party will say times were tough, but their predictions were off by nearly a billion dollars - that's a one with nine zeros,” said NDP Finance critic Cathy Sproule. “The Sask. Party are doubling the entire provincial debt in just five years at the same time as they are forcing Saskatchewan families and businesses to pay the price for the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste with their callous cuts, unfair tax hikes, and reckless sell-offs.” 

The year-end financial documents were released today and show that the Sask. Party piled on the debt, grew the debt-to-GDP ratio, and let the deficit climb to $914 million more than what the Sask. Party originally budgeted. Net debt per person in Saskatchewan has also more than doubled in the past three years, up from $4,100 per person in 2014 to $8,800 per person in 2017.

“The Sask. Party is so desperate to cover up their mismanagement, scandal, and waste their putting their partisan interests ahead of the best interests of Saskatchewan people,” Sproule said. “The Sask. Party needs to stop their schemes to sell off our crowns, and start taking some responsibility for the financial mess that they created.”


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