Sask. Party denies information on Legal Aid Saskatoon office closure

After a Freedom of Information request about the Legal Aid office in Saskatoon was denied, the NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to be more transparent about decisions that have been made or discussed around the closure of the office.

“The jobs lost will prove to be a barrier for so many when it comes to accessing justice fairly, so it's not only important that the right questions are asked, but that answers are actually given,” said NDP Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer.

The NDP filed for any proposals and any correspondence related to proposals prepared by Legal Aid Saskatchewan that called for the closure of the Saskatoon Legal Aid office. The request was denied for a few reasons, including that the release of records could be injurious to the Government of Saskatchewan.

“The Minister is already refusing to provide the necessary resources to fix the problem and now we're seeing that the Sask. Party won’t provide any transparency around whether or not they have discussed closing the office,” Sarauer said. “The Sask. Party should be working for the people of the province, not themselves.”

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