Sask. Party cuts put another preschool program at risk

The Sask. Party’s cuts to education have led to another important preschool program being put on the chopping block. With the Premier offering only a fraction of the reinvestment he promised, a growing list of important programs remain at risk and many students are still not getting the supports they need.

“The Education Minister promised $55 million and the Premier promised $30 million,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck. “The Sask. Party can’t just offer up a fraction and call it a win. Our kids deserve the whole number.”

After the Sask. Party used their cold and heartless budget to make deep cuts to education, class sizes grew and programs like the Language Learning Preschool Program in Saskatoon were put on the chopping block. Parents worked and fought hard to save their programs but, with another budget year coming, parents are worried again.

“The Sask. Party have created a terrible situation where teachers and parents are left to constantly worry about what cut will come next and what will be lost this time,” said Beck. “Unfortunately, instead of understanding and long-term sustainable funding, all the Sask. Party is offering is broken promises.”

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