Sask. Party cuts LLC despite Minister promising otherwise 7 times

REGINA - Today, the Official Opposition called out the Sask. Party government for breaking yet another promise and effectively closing the University of Regina’s Lifelong Learning Centre.

“These cuts are upsetting but not surprising. Given the state of our economy, our hospitals and schools, and the cost of tuition, these cuts are just the latest example in a long line of Sask. Party failures,” said Advanced Education Critic Jennifer Bowes. “We called on Moe’s Minister to provide emergency funding to the U of R months ago in order to avoid these program cuts. He refused to listen. Yet again, Saskatchewan people are being forced to pay the price for this out-of-touch government’s incompetence.”

In March, University of Regina leadership warned the Sask. Party government that programs would likely be eliminated if the Sask. Party government persisted with their planned funding cuts, despite sitting on a billion extra dollars of resource revenues. In response to these criticisms, Scott Moe’s Advanced Education Minister stated at least 7 times in the Chamber that no programs would be cut. 

Seniors devastated by the closure of the Lifelong Learning Centre joined the Opposition NDP in front of the College Avenue Campus. Kay Antrobus, one such senior who has relied on the Centre for over 25 years, remarked that “these classes used to be vibrant, stimulating and social. We are devastated by the cutting of our classes. The mental health of seniors is important.”

“A promise made should be a promise kept. Scott Moe’s Minister went back on his word and now he’s left a huge hole in this community,” said Official Opposition Seniors Critic Matt Love. “The people who helped build this province deserve the opportunity to live their golden years to the fullest. If the government doesn’t get this, it’s clearly time for a change.”


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