Sask. Party cuts lead to more job losses, less classroom support

Sask. Party cuts continue to hurt the education that Saskatchewan students and their families expect and deserve. The latest consequence of these damaging cuts is the elimination of 29 educational assistants from the Saskatoon Public School Division.

“The Sask. Party are underfunding education in this province, crucial classroom supports are being eliminated, and students – our children – are losing out,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck. “On top of it all, it’s heart-wrenching to think about the 29 people who get up every day to help teach our kids who are now heading into the holidays knowing their jobs are being cut.”

The elimination of these 29 educational assistants is just latest in string of job losses and cuts caused by Sask. Party underfunding. Before this announcement, there were already 95 fewer teachers and 188 fewer classroom staff in Saskatchewan this year and parents were already raising concerns that their children were no longer getting the support and access to education assistants that they need.

Even though the Sask. Party hiked taxes and collected an extra $67 million in educational property taxes, they cut government funding for education by $54 million.

“The reality is, after years of Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal and waste, they’re now forcing teachers to do more with less, and leaving students without the attention they need,” Beck said. “Instead of threatening the people who work in our kids’ classrooms with wage reductions, job losses and even more cuts, the Sask. Party needs to understand the need for appropriate and predictable funding to teach Saskatchewan’s children.”

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