Sask. Party cuts costing Saskatchewan people jobs

Saskatchewan one of only two provinces with fewer jobs this year than last

Saskatchewan once again fell behind nearly all of Canada as one of only two provinces to have fewer jobs last month than the same time last year. The latest labour force statistics showed that 1,400 fewer people were able to find work in September 2017 than a year earlier.

“While other provinces are growing, the Sask. Party’s approach of heartless cuts and unfair tax hikes is holding the province back from the economic growth we need,” said NDP Jobs Critic Vicki Mowat. “When Saskatchewan is one of two provinces that saw their employment rates drop over the last year, it’s not hard to see that the Sask. Party is not working for the people of the province.” 

Mowat noted that the effects of the Sask. Party’s mismanagement, scandal and waste are increasingly clear.

“This is Saskatchewan and there are 5,800 fewer people working in agriculture and 500 fewer in the oil and gas sector compared to last year,” said Mowat. “And it’s not hard to draw the line from the Sask. Party’s tax hikes and cuts to the 2,600 jobs lost in accommodation and food services over the last year or 3,800 fewer people able to work in the crucial areas of health care and social assistance.”

The First Nations unemployment rate continues to hover around the abysmal 20 per cent rate, and there are 3,300 fewer jobs in Prince Albert and northern Saskatchewan compared to last year. This comes just months following the Sask. Party’s decision to cancel NORTEP/NORPAC.

“The Sask. Party are still failing our young people. 5,400 fewer young people were able to find work last month compared to last year,” Mowat said. “Across the province and across several sectors the Sask. Party is failing Saskatchewan people struggling to find or keep their jobs.” 

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