Sask. Party appoints Grant Devine to U of S Board of Governors

Troubling trend of Sask. Party partisan appointments continues 

The Sask. Party’s decision to appoint former Premier Grant Devine to the University of Saskatchewan’s Board of Governors is the latest in a series of crass partisan appointments made by the Sask. Party to their donors, supporters, and well-connected friends. 

“This Sask. Party decision reeks of political interference, and this partisan appointment is clearly an imposition on what should be an autonomously run University,” said NDP Advanced Education Critic Ryan Meili. “How, at a time of budgetary challenges created by the Sask. Party, could they even consider appointing to the board of one of our Universities the person who led our province to the brink of bankruptcy?”

Devine is one of three Sask. Party Cabinet appointments to the University of Saskatchewan board of governors this week. Just last month, the Sask. Party appointed six Sask. Party donors and supporters to oversee Saskatchewan healthcare. Those appointments included a former chief of staff to a Sask. Party finance minister, and a campaign manager to another Sask. Party minister and a self-described privatization expert.

“Once again, the Sask. Party is putting the interests of their party and their friends ahead of what is best for the people of Saskatchewan,” said Meili. “The Sask. Party is not working for Saskatchewan people. In fact, they’re shamelessly heading down the same damaging paths the Devine government took.” 

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