Sask. only jurisdiction to see GDP contract in 2021, three years running

Three years of GDP decline raises questions about SK. Party’s economic chops, handling of the pandemic

REGINA - This week’s report from Statistics Canada shows that while every other province and territory in Canada saw GDP grow in 2021, under Sask. Party leadership, Saskatchewan’s economy shrank.

“For months, the Sask. Party has claimed the economy is booming. The numbers released by Statistics Canada yesterday say otherwise,” said Opposition Leader Ryan Meili. “Unlike every other province and territory in Canada, our economy actually shrank in 2021. Under Premier Scott Moe, our economy is off track, which begs the question: If the Sask. Party isn’t the party of economic growth, as they claim, what are they?”

While most provinces and territories saw their GDP grow 5% to 9% in 2021, Saskatchewan was dead last in the nation with -0.3% growth. The data also reveals that Saskatchewan is the only province or territory in the country to have recorded a decline in GDP for the last three consecutive years.

“Saskatchewan has the worst economic record in Canada and one of the highest COVID death rates,” said Jobs and Economy Critic Aleana Young. “With the Sask. Party at the wheel, Saskatchewan people are getting the worst of both worlds and a government that is wildly out of touch.” 


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