Sask. NDP slams Sask. Party for mistreating people with intellectual disabilities

Today, Official Opposition Justice Critic Nicole Sarauer and Social Services Critic Meara Conway stood with Barbara Stuckey, the mother of Jessica Stuckey who was jailed for 36 days and is currently detained in a psychiatric hospital because the Sask. Party government has failed to give her the support she needs. Together they called on the Sask. Party government to stop the inhumane and degrading treatment of people living with intellectual disabilities.

“I’m shocked by what Scott Moe’s Sask. Party has become, going from pledging to make Saskatchewan the best place to live with a disability to turning a blind eye while someone with the mental capacity of a six-year-old is jailed,” said Conway. “It’s clear this government has to do some serious soul-searching, but it can start today by fixing Jessica’s situation and committing to reviewing and bolstering services for people living with disabilities.”

Jessica, 24, has Smith-Magenus Syndrome and lives at the developmental stage of a six-year-old. Needing more care than that which was provided by the Ministry of Social Services, she started calling 911. After being told the pattern of police visits could not continue unless she or others were in distress, she began to utter threats. She spent 36 days in jail and has been detained in hospital since December 2022

“The Sask. Party is failing people like Jessica and the justice system is being left to pick up the pieces,” said Sarauer. “By not giving disabled people the resources to live in dignity, they end up in hospital or in the care of police, costing taxpayers even more. All they need is a little bit of support and some humanity.”


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