Sask. NDP, seniors call for reason as Sask. Party closes long-term care home

REGINA - Official Opposition Critic for Seniors Matt Love, Rosemont MLA Trent Wotherspoon and Coronation Park MLA Noor Burki today stood with seniors, families and workers dependent on the Lutheran Care Home. Together, they called on the provincial government to step up, reverse course and keep the 62 long-term care beds open.

“It’s deeply disappointing that, after these folks paid taxes for years, the Sask. Party government rewards them by closing their care home,” said Love. “It's not too late to save these 62 families a whole lot of stress by supporting one of Regina's most-loved care homes.”

Without consulting residents or staff, the Sask. Party government abruptly announced last week that it would not step in and maintain the Regina Lutheran Home, despite months-long wait times for long-term care beds in Regina and approximately 100 mortgage-paying jobs on the line.

“People across my community are outraged by the government’s decision,” said Burki. “Many people feel that their parents are essentially being kicked to the curb. When you get to a certain age or have greater medical needs, sometimes you can’t just pack up and move out of your home when the government snaps its fingers.” 

Wait times for a bed at a long-term care center in Regina average about 53 days, or two-and-a-half times the provincial average. The closure of the Lutheran Care Home will bring the total number of special care homes offering long-term care in Regina down to twelve. 

“There’s a huge shortage of affordable long-term care options in Regina, so it’s baffling and indefensible that this Sask. Party government is planning to close 62 more long-term care beds at a time we need more beds, not less,” said Wotherspoon. “It’s short-sighted and costs everyone when seniors are kept cooped up waiting in hospitals as they wait for long-term care options.” 


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