The Saskatchewan NDP is raising concern after eHealth Saskatchewan announced today that an unknown number of servers and files have been compromised by ransomware, as first reported by the CBC.

"People should be able to trust that their health records are secure -- that's eHealth's most important responsibility," said NDP Health Critic Vicki Mowat. "Unfortunately, the Sask. Party government is consistently failing to support eHealth's ability to deliver the results Saskatchewan people expect. It’s time for the Minister of Health to step up and show that he can and will address the ongoing issues at eHealth."

The NDP has previously raised concerns about the Sask. Party's handling of the Crown agency, specifically a vendor-sponsored travel scandal, the use of sole-source contracts, and staff concerns about the current CEO, who was dismissed from his role as CEO of Ontario Community Health Systems amidst declining performance measures and low staff morale.

“When it comes to ensuring quality healthcare that’s there when people need it, this government continues to let Saskatchewan people down,” Mowat said. “People need to hear that they’re taking this data breach seriously, and that their failures have not compromised the security or integrity of Saskatchewan people’s health records.”

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