REALITY CHECK: Who’s the Sask. Party working for, anyway?

Government staff is paid by Saskatchewan taxpayers to work for Saskatchewan people. But, it was revealed yesterday in the media that the Premier’s Chief of Operations asked government officials to use their work hours on the public dime to do some research for her so she could use her Office at the Legislature to help a candidate in the Sask. Party leadership race. 

When she got caught, she said there was nothing strange about her answering questions from people in the party or the public or anyone. According to media reports, she said, "If any of the campaigns asked for information about any government policy, government position, record, etc. in any area, it would be provided to that campaign – as we would do for MLAs, individuals, members of the media, every day."

Really? They’re willing to provide information in “any area” “every day”?

If only we had known!

This whole time we’ve been asking questions in Question Period and in committee about the Sask. Party’s GTH scandal and the lawsuits surrounding the Regina Bypass but, apparently, we should have just been just sending emails to the Premier’s office.

So, we hope the Premier’s office will accept this as our first official request for information. Here are some questions to start:

  1. What exactly did the government know about Bill Boyd’s relationship with the people the Sask. Party bought the land from at the heart of the Sask. Party’s GTH scandal?
  2. How much taxpayer money has been spent on all of the lawsuits over the land the Sask. Party acquired for the GTH and the Regina Bypass?
  3. How many of the people the Sask. Party bought land from or paid millions in settlements to, have donated to the Sask. Party?

On behalf of all Saskatchewan people who have been waiting for answers to these questions, we look forward to getting the same swift reply Sask. Party leadership candidates get.

In case that doesn’t happen, we’ll just have to assume this was yet another example of the arrogant Sask. Party government acting like the rules don’t apply to them or their friends. 

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