Reality Check: What if the Sask. Party took their own advice?

NDP tweaks Sask. Party video to help Wall see the light on Sask. Party secrecy

As part of what seems to be a mission to prove that neither hypocrisy nor irony are dead, the Sask. Party recently published a video with Brad Wall calling on the federal government to be more transparent.

He was talking about carbon pricing and we, of course, agree that we need to stop Ottawa from forcing their carbon price scheme on Saskatchewan.

We also agree that governments should be open and honest. We just think that standard should apply to the Sask. Party government too.

For years, they’ve played fast and loose with the facts. They hid their budget before the election, lied about the state of the economy and jobs, and have refused to answer simple questions about the growing Sask. Party GTH scandal and have gone to great lengths to prevent witnesses from coming forward to answer those simple questions. They’ve even blocked, denied, and hidden so many GTH documents that the Privacy Commissioner has told them over and over again that they are being too secretive and are clearly not complying with the law.

To find out if the Sask. Party will listen to their own advice about transparency, we made a few tweaks to their video to help Mr. Wall call on himself to come clean about the Sask. Party GTH scandal.





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